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Equestrian Inspirer
Hey! I've come across a problem where i can't post on gallery and so I can't participate in competitions either. Has anyone had this problem too? Does anyone know what happened or what should I do?
Equestrian PRO
I had to celebrate somewhere! My girl can pull a cart!!! My mare Diamond, (which you may have seen my posts before), has been a rehab retrain project with my Mom/Trainer spearheading it- teaching me both how to train this mare and how to ride lesson horses in preparation to ride Diamond. The goal for her to be my future mount to compete with in Dressage or Eventing, with possibly dabbling in some western disciplines like Cutters. Diamond hasnt recovered enough for us to be confident with her holding a rider while being comfortable, (she can use more muscle), but we did notice that she was fearless around carts as another equestrian at the barn does both Driving and Saddleseat. With that in mind, we worked hard to teach Diamond to trust us in new situations and my trainer trained her to follow voice commands to walk, trot, canter, and halt from a longe/lunge line. We were successful and she quickly graduated to being able to drive on long lines. After maybe 2 weeks of her aceing that, today we introduced her to a cart! She did so great, we felt comfortable attatching one! She lead just fine with it connected to her, (minus her discovering it felt weird turning- which she figured it out), that we felt safe trying her at a walk- then a trot. What a rockstar!!!!! By the end, I- Me, the beginner, was able to start learning to drive her- which was the end goal that we thought might take a few days worth of tries! With her driving, I can soon exercise her without my trainer until she's fit to take a rider. No one expected her to be such a quick learner in this discipline. ♡ Im even more excited as the cart is the only new equipment! She's driving in her competition bridle with a baucher- no need for blinders, a double bridle, or lots of leather! Im so proud!!! I cannot wait to start this sudden new surprise activity with her!!!! Ahhh!!!! ♡♡♡♡ This all has me thinking, what do you do with your horse outside your main discipline? Share with me your fun outlets!
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Do you cross discipline train your horse? (Dressage, Reining, Driving, Barrels, Eventing, Endurance, ect)
42 votes
We only do our preferred discipline
Ive tried a few disciplines with my horse, but primarily stay with 1
I regularly participate in 2-3 disciplines with my horse
I regularly participate in 3+ disciplines
Im hoping to try and learn more than 1 discipline with my horse
Driving! Omg!
PS Squad
04/13/24-23:00 (edited on 04/13/24-23:00)
I've been introducing my ottbs to some jumping now that their groundwork is getting to a level I'm happy with, I've got a passage way with a jump, so far they've really enjoyed it and I've enjoyed seeing how they jump, their striding, their scope and if they like it. Do you free jump your horse?
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Have you Free Jumped your horse/horses
41 votes
Yes, regularly
No, never
Yes, rarely
Equestrian PRO
I decided to try and hand wash my pad- and Im pleasantly surprised how it turned out♡ My pad was smelling like horse sweat something fierce to the point other people mentioned it even after rinsing it. Since we only have a top load washer and everyone recommended a front load- I decided to experiment. Pic 1: I put the pad in my bathtub with cold water mixed with a generous amount of vinegar and a splash of Tide Color Booster. I proceeded to knead on it like a cat- really making sure all the padding got a good swish. The trick was to continuously change the pads position and knead all parts inside and out. To finish I pressed all the water out. Surprisingly, all the mud and most of the hair also came out. Pic 2: It was windy so I popped it onto the line in the sun. Took about 2 days to fully dry with multiple flips so the water didnt pool into any 1 area. Pic 3: Fully dried! Smells amazing and still looks new! Pic 4: Finished with a lint roller to get the rest of the hair off. Result: Pad looks new, minimal wrinkling, and the smell is gone! ♡ Ill report as I retry this as my pad gets dirty again. ♡
An experiment in cleaning
Rising Star
I’ve finally got my prize after winning the last comp and I just wanted to mention how amazing the staff were with shipping etc. They were quick to respond, really nice and just over all great! Good luck to everyone in future comps!!!
My beautiful prize has arrived!!
Caitlin Allen
PS Squad
Hey PSoS gang & designers! Recently I got some polos from LeMieux and the little tote they came in I think is super cute and convenient. Was thinking having a reusable tote like this for the polos be an option when ordering or something you can separately order would be awesome! I love the timeless and sleek design of the current box they came in, so I can only imagine a reusable polo tote would be just as great 😎
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Reusable Polo Tote?
29 votes
Not for me
Product Idea/Enhancement
Rising Star
King and I competed in novice this past weekend. We got a much better dressage score than usual! He did knock down one rail in show jumping but, his striding was perfect for the lines. In cross country we were penalized for being too slow. Last time I was too fast🤣 I finished in eight place.
Novice Event
PS Squad
04/08/24-15:52 (edited on 04/08/24-17:39)
Would you love to have back a great restylished quilted monogram vest to match with the same monogram of your saddle pads?
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Would you like to have back a quilted monogram vest ? Which color will be your fav one?
53 votes
A new generation of quilted monogram vest ?