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Hello! I am gathering my PS points, but this is a legitimate concern of mine.This April, with my horseriding bestie we got a gelding, 17 yo Westfalien, pretty tall. One would think he's mature enough to be calm.. Well, guess again ๐Ÿคฃ I've been riding for over 10 years and used to complete in show jumping - I wouldn't say I'm easily scared. However, I've had to get off my 17 yo twice already ๐Ÿฅฒ He gets easily scared/excited, especially in walks (INSIDE the club, to places we've ALREADY been lol). He knows both dressage and show jumping, and that makes him very flexible, which is super scary when jumping around in the field. My usual response to a stressed horse is to relax my body, talk to them calmly, loosen the reins etc. No effect with him. If I try to hold him a bit, he gets even more fired up. He does not fear something specific, it could be anything - from an actually creepy sound to his own shadow, or a flower ๐Ÿฅฒ Any advice please? Thank you ๐Ÿฆ„ * The previous owner told us he's a bit feisty/reactive, so if he's about to spook in the arena and you become more strict (voice/leg) he usually listens, but during the walks he's much more uncontrollable. Bright side: when he jumps and kicks, he does it pretty softly, so it's relatively easy to hold on.
Relaxing a stressed horse
Rising Star
Hi. This summer is the first one with my own horse. Does anyone have experience making popsicles or other ice treats for their horses? If so how have they worked? In the sence of lasting? How have you put them up for your horses? Or really any tips to keep their horses nice and cool? I live in a pretty warm country so it would be good to know.
Equestrian PRO
What type of seat do you prefer and why? I have always ride with leggings with full seat, I've tried to ride with gym leggings and I move a lot on the saddle forwards. So I wanna know if riding leggings or breeches are better than the gym ones, that you don't slip on the saddle. Thank you!
Full seat, half seat or nothing
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Equestrian Inspirer
Does anyone have personal experience with the Tech Capri Plus stirrups? It seems very appealing to me, but before getting one, I would love to read some personal opinions anout it๐Ÿค I would use it for dressage.
Tech Capri Plus Stirrup
Equestrian Inspirer
When showing in dressage do I only wear a black shoe coat or could it be any other colors? I really like the Navy PS of sweden and would love to wear it!
PS Squad
Does anyone else have any issues posting on your phones? It won't let me for some reason!! I post and it just disappears.
PS Squad
05/19/24-19:58 (edited on 05/19/24-19:58)
Does anyone here ride with an airbag vest? I ride with a Free Jump. I want as light and flexible a vest as possible. The Free Jump is a light vest in itself but it is the cartridge that is heavy. I talked to Peder Fredriksson at GHS where he launched his own airbag vest. I tried it but no major difference to mine. Does anyone here have a light airbag with a not too heavy cartridge?
Equestrian PRO
I saw a debate online about patting a horse vs scratching a horse, as some say that patting can hurt the horse and feels like a punishment, while scratching is a natural behaviour that horses even do to each other. I've always been taught to pat as a reward, but this has got me thinking. Which do you prefer and why?
Patting vs scratching