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Equestrian Inspirer
Would you let your horse run free in a paddock??
Equestrian Inspirer
Has any of you bought the Katja Breggings? What type of fabric is it? Same as Cindy, ie thicker type fabric OR more like Jocelyn OR Taylor? Im not a big fan of the Cindy Breggings and really hope its the same as Taylor or even Martina? Your input will be appreciated🙏🏼
Katja Breggings
Collective ambassador
Let's talk about something fun! What would be your ideal colors for a saddle pad? I personally would LOVE a navy pad with orange trim as those are the colors i show in! What about you?
Ideal Saddle Pad Colors
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Equestrian PRO
Hello, here I go with another question day! How much saddle pads do you have? Let me know in the comments!! ❤️☺️
Saddle pads never enough
Equestrian PRO
Hellooo 👋🏽 I have a photoshoot soon and it's gonna be with dresses on the horse and also in the ground. I don't know if my mare is gonna be afraid, can you tell me ways to introduce the dress to her? Thank you!! You can see some pictures of the idea of pictures below. Also a picture of my girl.
Scary things
Rising Star
Needing to buy new stirrup leathers for my dressage saddle - looking for recommendations! Any thoughts on the wide or single layer leathers? It’s been ages since I bought new ones and there’s so many new options on the market now!
Dressage Stirrup Leathers
Equestrian Inspirer
I’m searching for a browband to my horse, do you have any ideas on a beautiful browband to my horse?😍🦄
Browband search!🦄
Rising Star
I got the saddle pad from the sale and now I want a shirt that matches or atleast looks good with it. The berry pink short sleeve shirt doesnt have my size, so please, anything is fine!