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Equestrian Inspirer
Just saw this cute quote on Instagram and immediately thought to share it here 🥰 It is so true and reminds to take a step by step and work patiently with our four legged friends who speak a different language ❤️
Patience is key!
PS Squad
What's your favourite trick to do with your horse? It's hard to say what mine is, but I think the side pass is super fun!! I also like doing the "Circle"
PS Squad
I made a little ‘teaser’ on instagram to get my followers excited in Holland 💕 they love the purple competition jacket. I’m on holiday for a few days now, but I can’t wait to try evenything on when I get back.
Equestrian PRO
If you would have to pick one (only ONE) favorite PS of Sweden product, which one would it be? But please type why and specify model & colour also! I will go first: I love PSoS saddlepads (have it manyyyy) and breeches but there is one item that I really adore.... What is it? It's Mila riding Jacket in pink (it' Scarlet colour). Besides fact that pink it totally hot, I'm amazed by it's design. It has stretch along the back and sides which makes this jacket super comfortable to wear and ride. It's warm but Perfect for outdoor activities. Of course I love big PSoS text on zipper. And what's the most important - I have for few years and still looks like brand new!!! Ups... I think it's more product review 🤣🤪 but I would really enjoy your replies and opinions!
What's your favourite PSoS Item?
Rising Star
I’ve been seeing this cute belt bag in recent marketing but don’t see it available for purchase anywhere. When will be Ble to buy it?
Belt bag release?
PS Squad
Whatever you expect some new products for yourself or for your horse , would be great to share here your ideas and votes !
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Which products would you like Psos create for the next releases ?
52 votes
Rider : raining boots
Rider : leather spurs covers
Rider : underwear line
Rider : eventing outfit
Horse : grooming kit
Horse : horsemanship halter & reins
Horse : browband display holder
Which product(s) would you like Psos create for the new releases ?
PS Squad
After the bridle fell off his head from him shaking it so hard, I decided to ride in a halter for the first time, actually really liked it and it made me use my legs and seat more instead of “reins”
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Have you ever ridden in a halter
60 votes
No but I want to
I’ve ridden in a bitless bridle
Riding in a halter
Equestrian Inspirer
Is anyone else on here as obsessed with clean SPs like me? I just feel its the part that is up close and personal? Imagine putting on the same underwear 2 days in a row🤦🏼‍♀️🤣
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Clean Saddle Pads
56 votes
It doesnt bother me.
Yes, I agree
Clean Saddle Pads