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Rising Star
This is how I have my students do their first jump. Set up a chute on the long side of the arena, with a single low crossrail in the middle. Students enter the chute at a working trot, drop reins (secure them to the saddle with a grab strap if preferred), stretch arms out to the sides and trot the fence. Pick up reins before exiting the chute. This teaches riders how to find balance in light seats and the two-point without relying on their hands.For more advanced students, consider setting up a gymnastic of lower fences. This gymnastic could lead to a higher fence.
Equestrian Inspirer
Rising Star
Hey , i hope someon has some inspirations for me i can only take slow walks with mx horse because of an old injury. But thats a bit boring do you have any suggestions for head work ? thanks
PS Squad
Walk to halt and back to walk This little pocket rocket gets very tense, very nervous when doing things “slow” so we’ve been working on just walking and stopping  It helps her with body awareness and relaxing when being ridden and it helps me to relax but also to ride “without expectations” I feel that the more you know (“know” as we never know enough with horse riding) the more expectations you create for yourself and your horse and that’s not always positive. Don’t be afraid to just walk ☺️
PS Squad
Jag och Ulla min förra häst hoppar en liten studs. Jag vet vi har mycket att finslipa på men vi har kul🥰🙏
Equestrian PRO
make a smooth transition from walk to canter on the first attempt 😀 and what, did it work?🫣 Sometimes me and my horse need more time and repeats but it is worth to try 🥰
PS Squad
This is a student of mine. Landing on the right side is difficult for them on the straight. With this exercise i tried to create a feeling of rhythm. We tried it on the right and the left side. On the end of the lesson I tool away the poles on the ground and told her to ride it again and keep making the circle bigger tot get back to the straight. 
Rising Star
For every horse working on suppleness is necessary. Use the 4 corners of the arena and make a 10 m cercle in very corner : walk - trot and canter. The idea is to keep the balance contstantly !!