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Equestrian PRO
horse stretching ?🤪
What do you think about this horse stretching 🫣? I was very surprised what’s happened , but I think that he was very happy at this moment 🙈
Equestrian PRO
Contact Practice at Home
There's a riding exercises you can do at home with your dog! This is something my trainer had me start doing, and it works! Practice contact, half halts, and direction cues while walking your dog! I have two dogs, so I practice two hands independent at once ooorrr Ill use a longer leash with one dog and hold the leash with the extra just like I would reins. Since doing so, I can keep contact easier, know how to presignal and garner attention from my pups with a half halt, and give them very subtle directional cues to say left or right. It's done phenomenal for keeping light contact and learning to move with my horse. "Close your fingers" is much easier to do without thinking with the extra practice and youre practicing without a bit! Give it a try!
Caitlin Allen
PS Squad
Straightness & Leg Yields with Ground Poles
Last night in my lesson, we did a little pole work to continue our straightness & outside rein journey! Using this T pattern, we were able to focus on making sure we stayed straight when trotting or walking across the poles, as well as not having messy leg yields where the haunch trails or shoulder bulges. The visual guide of the poles (and also the hoof track left after doing it a few times!) is super helpful and really helps nitpick. This is not exclusive to centerlines but is great for straightness training for everybody!
PS Squad
20cm Circle + polework
20cm circle with ground poles that can be raised into cavalry to heigh poles! I’ve been doing this a lot with the young horses to let them practice getting out the bend and exerting energy over a pole and then slow back down around the turn and repeat, it’s a great way to practice polework and speed control, both riding and on the ground
Collective ambassador
Ground pole exercise!
One of my favorite ground pole set-ups! So many different ways to ride it!
Equestrian Inspirer
Rising Star
This is how I have my students do their first jump. Set up a chute on the long side of the arena, with a single low crossrail in the middle. Students enter the chute at a working trot, drop reins (secure them to the saddle with a grab strap if preferred), stretch arms out to the sides and trot the fence. Pick up reins before exiting the chute. This teaches riders how to find balance in light seats and the two-point without relying on their hands.For more advanced students, consider setting up a gymnastic of lower fences. This gymnastic could lead to a higher fence.
Equestrian Inspirer