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15/05/24-09:01 (edited on 15/05/24-09:03)
Canter - Walk transition

Canter - Walk transition

⚫️The first steps to teach the canter-walk transition ⚪️Some horses find this easier, while others have a harder time with it. I've worked with several more spirited types of horses, and for them, this teaching method worked better, so I wanted to share it with you ✨The task: through-a-circle in canter, and ask the horse to walk at the beginning of a straight section 〰️At first, it's good to give a bit stronger cue to ask for the walk 🫧The trick in this exercise is using the dressage pattern fully because in the tighter turn, the horse naturally shortens the canter, making it easier for the rider to ask for the walk, compared to on a long stretch.