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Equestrian Inspirer
My mare gets really anxious when trying to do a flying change and runs out of my hand or puts her head up. Does anyone have any tips that may help me?? 🙏🏻😅
Equestrian Inspirer
Hi! My browband from Ps of Sweden is almost 4 years old but today I noticed something. The stones are detaching from the leather. Does anyone have tips in how to fix this? I don’t want it to get any worse as I really love this browband.
Browband problem
Equestrian PRO
Hello riders! I'm asking to know how to clean my horse because she's always dirty. It's a brown horse with a lot of dust, the dust is the problem.
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Rising Star
My horse reacts like a lunatic to odors. If I try to approach him with anything that smells like citronella he gets hysterical. I’d va like to put on his tick treatment without taking my life in my hands. Any tips?
Reacts to odors
Equestrian PRO
Trigger Warning: Dealing with greif - Depressive Life took a sudden and horrible change this week, and my heart horse is being given to another family unless I can somehow buy her by tomorrow. It's not likely to happen, so I'm asking for advice on how to grieve for a horse that's still alive? The story: I took ownership of my mare last year with the agreement in one years time, I'd buy her. She was a mistreated, malnurished, and traumatized mare with so many health needs. My trainer and I worked tirelessly turning her into something fabulous with all the potential in the world. It looked like we were going to afford her- but then this week my life fell on its head and the money is no longer there. Another family offered a cow to her actual owners in exchange for her and theyre accepting the offer. I dont know if this family has ever had horses, but theyre supposedly aware she's not rideable. They want a pasture puff for their young daughter. Im afraid because this mare needs so much maintenance work and I dont know if theyll keep up with it plus she's not even close to beginner friendly- lotta attitude and quirks. Im so scared for my mares future and beating myself up for not being able to buy her. I feel like I failed her. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with the heartbreak and how not to continuously beat myself up for it? Im going to write out a care sheet for her for some peace of mind, but Im worried it's not enough. How do you say goodbye to your best friend?
PS Squad
Hi everyone! I'm looking for some YouTube channels of trainers that do dressage based on natural horsemanship. I have been doing natural horsemanship for years and I have only recently started dressage. I would love to find someone with whom I can apply what I already know to what I don't!! Let me know your favourite channels!
Dressage based on natural horsemanship
Caitlin Allen
PS Squad
Hey fellow Squad members and the PSoS team! Was wondering how long it takes to receive the Ridely pro membership email? Also there was a line in the email about a surprise gift (can of course DM the email to whoever). Just was wondering how long it took everybody to get info about those two things since I don’t want it to get lost in my inbox
Equestrian Inspirer
The problem of dry, cracked hooves 😒 I'm very curious - what do you use to treat and prevent? Do you use supplements, oil or ointment? Or do you have some magic recipe for your own product? I found recipes for hoof oil on the Internet and I would like to know whether it is worth trying them or is it better to buy something ready-made?All good advice welcome ☺️
Dry hooves