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Equestrian PRO
I was wondering if there is any way to search something on EquiCollective, like find results via hashtag or search phase? For example I was looking for reviews for one particual product here on EquiCollective and I had no idea how to find it quickly...
Search button?
Equestrian PRO
Hi from Texas I need a bit of help if anyone has experience in this area Like I said I like in Texas where the Temps can stay at 110F 43C for months on end With my new barn build I thought it would be a great addition to add oscillating fans with misting capabilities for each horse Does anyone have anything like this where they board or in private stable ? If so How long do you run them per day Do you run them like for a few minutes each hour Do you run them only during the hottest part of the day What is the misting schedule like
Summer heat 🥵
Equestrian Inspirer
08/05/24-16:02 (edited on 08/05/24-16:03)
I'm interested in your experiences or advice about foal desensitizing.  I've worked with several “troubled” horses before, but the world of foals is still somewhat new to me.  I've read numerous articles, watched videos, and luckily, I have personal assistance nearby.  However, I'm curious about your experiences, opinions, and what you think is most important when it comes to introducing a foal in early stages.🤍
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Rising Star
Do you ever ride without a saddle? Why or why not?
Equestrian Inspirer
Hello 👋  To move to the next level I need to complete the mission “get a post validated by an admin” Who knows the secret how to do this? 🙈
Equestrian Inspirer
So me and my friend are on a mission to train, building muscle and work with some ponies. I thought maybe y'all have some lunging exercises, tips, routines. Most of the ponies are not available for us to work with (soon to be baby mamas), but two of them are younger and perfect for us to start the work. We've seen one jumping so she has scope and all but she do pulls on the lunge line and refuses to jump from the left lead (as far as I know). Another problem is one of them prefers to jump trot poles which can get quite dangerous, they both do well while trotting but it's hard for them to pick up canter although if they do they pull on the lead a lot. So that's what I know and I'd think that before we start working, we should hear some tips from you. (Sorry if something doesn't make sense I really rushed writing this haha)
Pony exercises
PS Squad
I have got some scratches on my saddle that are difficult to remove. I got a tip from my saddle tester to first take water on the leather, and then the back of a spoon and rub. It works like that. Is there anyone else who has a good tip. Received gratefully🙏❤️
Scratches on the saddle
Equestrian Inspirer
My mare gets really anxious when trying to do a flying change and runs out of my hand or puts her head up. Does anyone have any tips that may help me?? 🙏🏻😅