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Kate S.
Equestrian PRO
Yielding to outside leg aides - turn on the haunches on a square
This exercise is designed to help supple your young horse to your leg and work on yielding. It is helpful to do after a brief warmup before working on leg yields or other lateral work. I do this especially with my less reactive horse who needs to get a bit more "snappy" in her responsiveness to my leg. Create a square in your arena (mentally). 1. Trot in straight line maintaining forward and consistent rhythm. Walk a couple of steps 2. The first time you do this exercise, stop and do a turn on the haunches. After the horse understands the concept do NOT stop, and maintain some forward movement in the turn on the haunches (think pirouette). Turn 90 degrees to go straight toward the other side. Focus on using your legs, NOT your reins to get the turn on the haunches. Your hips and shoulders should point where you want to go, and outside rein helps keep horse from just turning his whole body. 3. Walk a couple of steps and transition to trot. Do the same thing at the next corner. 4. Every now and then do a full 180 to change directions or yield the other direction.
Rising Star
Equestrian PRO
Fun Patterns
Who else has to get creative with their smart cookie? If my mare and I are working through more challenging rides, I like to mix it up by throwing her a pattern. She enjoys figuring these out and sometimes we need a win to build ourselves up! 💪
PS Squad
Triangle Ground pole Exercise
thought this exercise looked super fun! Definitely going to try this out with my two ottbs to help with direction, striding and working together through turns
Equestrian PRO
Simple challenges.
Trot Poles + Cones = 1,000s of options! My mare loves to figure out a pattern so I have to change things up (A LOT!) to keep her engaged. 🧐 🧠 🦄
Rising Star
Equestrian PRO
Working transitions and go slowly before canter. Not easy for me.
Equestrian Inspirer
Shoulder in
This exercise is a great way to teach shoulder-in to young horses, but it can help improve and maintain engagement and suppleness, which features in the scales of training, at all ages and levels.