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Equestrian Inspirer
Half track serpentines
Not a newie but was recently reintroduced to me at a off-the-track clinic in a half-track size vs whole-arena serpentine, and has become a favourite again. It’s great at walk, trot and canter to get your horse flexing, supple and moving off the leg. It’s also great for reengaging when they get distracted
Equestrian Inspirer
25/04/24-05:57 (edited on 25/04/24-06:36)
Wave pattern 🌊🌊(how my trainer calls it)
So I used do this in trot but if you're not a dressage rider (because it probably won't be a challenge haha) and you're willing to take a challenge doing this in canter is also possible! An exercise that took me a while to learn since I was so lost whenever it comes to "dressage",but eventually I got the hang of it haha. I used to do little dressage tests with my old trainer when we weren't doing flat work or jumping so this pattern (if that's what you call it) really 'leveled up' my "dressage" courses (if that's what you call it again lol I'm so not educated in dressage 😭 please correct me if I get anything very wrong). So personally I still sometimes do this one when warming up during trot because it makes me use my tiny brain and communicate (if thats the word for that) with the horse ❤️
PS Squad
Serpentine Three Loops with Ground Pole
This exercise allows you to practice change in direction, striding and you can do it in either trot or canter
Equestrian PRO
Pole work exercise
Perfect for walk, trot and canter
Equestrian PRO
Leg yields
Yesterday we were doing leg yields, it's the exercise that I'm learning nowadays. Actually, yesterday went pretty well.
Equestrian PRO
Equestrian PRO
An interesting exercise
Combining flatwork with jumping
PS Squad
Part 2 of Pole Work in the form of a cross
My last and favorite excerise is where each time you go over a pole you have to do a big circle around all poles before going to the next. This helps improve your coordination and being able to stop your horse from thinking ahead too much