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Rising Star
Pre-competition exercise
This is a jumping training that I do before any competition. It is basically putting some old saddle pads on top of a vertical. The goal is to be able to teach the horse to go over it without been scared of it.
Rising Star
Fun exersice
Just a fun exercise, that involves many things!
Equestrian PRO
Pole exercise
Love to use this for hot horses or warming up and reaching for contact, also as an aid for bending
Therese Rotter
Equestrian Inspirer
One of my favorite jump exercises. Is having 2-3 bumping jumps before a big jumps. What I do I place the jumps on a line and I don’t allow for a stride in between the jumps. It helps the horse stamina and to lift his leg quick. Then I leave 2-3 stride for the last jump that I would normally put higher to allow him to stretch his leg and really go for it.
PS Squad
Leg Yield - No Equipment
Leg yield - No equipment After quite a long time we have finally succeded in getting a leg yield from the ground with no equipment whatsoever!! I'm super proud of my girl! Our next exercise to learn is the half pass, but I honestly don't even know where to start. Any tips?
Rising Star
You all know leg yield in the walk or trot but did you know the leg yield in the canter ? This is one of the best exercice to introduce the flying change !!! Take the diagonal after the short side in the canter and make sure you keep the shoulder nicely in front of the shoulder and when hitting the center line : either turn back on the same rein or do flying change. Enjoy !
Rising Star
This is my boy Stanley learning to lunge, it's taken a while to get to this stage but his 2 brain cells are finally running together ❤ *we did get a trot going but getting the walk was our main aim*
Equestrian PRO
Reprise AP preliminary
Hello 👋🏽, Last Saturday we were practicing the reprise before competition day. That day didn't went well so I decided to wait til next competition. Things to practice, my position, my legs, my hands, her rump and the speed, too much things to get better.