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Equestrian Inspirer
Turn on the forehand
Turn on the forehand!! This movement teaches the rider the use and effect of the forward and sideways driving aids. As he turns his hindquarter around the forehand in walk steps, it improves coordination and brings about suppleness. Turn on the forehand teaches the elementary coordination of the aids essential to the development of the rider. The turn on the forehand prepares the horse and rider for leg-yielding! It’s one of very favorite exercises for my young horse setting her up for success!
Equestrian Inspirer
05/20/24-13:37 (edited on 05/20/24-13:37)
Relaxing a horse on the lunge line
🌱Relaxing a horse on the lunge line ⚫️One of my favorite exercises to help relax a horse on the lunge line is to decrease and increase the size of the circle. ⚪️It's most effective to do this at the trot. Gradually ask the horse to decrease the circle, maintain the smaller circle for a few horse lengths, and then ask for the circle to be increased. You can repeat this a couple of times on both reins.
PS Squad
Dressage in hand
Yesterday was our first day doing Dressage in hand!! I think it can be quite beneficial for both the horse and the rider and was quite surprised with how it went. Can't wait to give it another go!
Equestrian PRO
On Saturday I tried to introduce my girl to poles to muscle the back so first I started with groundpoles and then I elevated a bit with one tire. The day went really good!! I pass 8 times in each way with trot also. You can see a summary on the video.
Equestrian Inspirer
05/19/24-18:42 (edited on 05/19/24-18:44)
Energizing the horse
🔥Energizing the horse ⚫️I think it happens with every horse that they tend to "shuffle" at times.To achieve energizing, I brought an exercise. ♦️You can do this exercise during any dressage pattern, but I think it’s most advantageous on a large circle or by alternating patterns. ⚪️The exercise: frequent tempo changes, transitions every few steps. 〰️For example, after 2-3 strides of trot, transition to walk, 2-3 strides of walk, then back to trot. Repeat this during any dressage patterns until you feel a difference in the horse's energy. 🫧You can also use trot-walk or canter-trot transitions.
Equestrian PRO
Jumping time
It’s my third time doing show jumping
Rising Star
05/17/24-06:46 (edited on 05/17/24-18:57)
Fun exercise
Another one of these, I am a bit bored (And it is supposed to say ”placement”)
Equestrian PRO
Today after a really good dressage class, I undress her and we went again to the arena to do a horsemanship time together. So first I let her do whatever she wants, also wallow and then I started doing some exercises. We practice to move when I blew it, to stop when I whistle and to go back when I say back. Also to move around when I say 'aiba' that would be the over. So we refresh the exercises we did on Monday and then let her move in freedom again. Obviously a lot of sweets after training 😊😊❤️