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Equestrian Inspirer
Horses are heard animals and their mental health is effected if you don’t socialize them. Let them play and have fun time to time. If you think that your horse will be good at competitions and will be “well behaved” while you only take your horse out of their stall to ride them you must be insane. There is no good reason to say that you can’t turn them out to a paddock other than health issues and the weather conditions.
PS Squad
It happens regularly that we are facing to a lack of time while arriving to the barn. During any period of reduced exercise due to weather or time constraints, I realized I can accomplish a great deal in 25 minutes with one of the following walk routines of Jec A Balou. 1/ speed changes : Ride various figures in the arena while changing the speed of your walk. Aim for four distinct speeds (super slow, slow, medium and fast), and spend 20 strides at each speed. Repeat. 2/Cornerstones transitions : Ride transitions to the halt every 10 strides. At every other halt transition, ask the horse to back up six to 10 steps, then carry on. 3/Wavy lines: Ride a “scalloped” edge around the track of your arena. Maintaining a brisk, lively walk tempo, ride a wavy serpentine with approximately 3-meter loops back and forth from left to right, and so on.When performed consistently (four to five days per week), purposeful walking routines can have a surprisingly beneficial impact on the horse’s body. Although it’s not as outwardly visible, their value is much greater than inactivity. 
PS Squad
Steps out on xcountry or on a hack
I know that not everyone has a cross country course available but if you can get out and find even the smallest of steps near you I highly recommend to go up and down them many many times! This helps build hind muscle and jumping technique as well as coordination. Just bare in mind to expect the horse to buck around afterwards.
Rising Star
My favorite exercises for my horse!
My favorite exercises are in hand work, over poles and hills. I also like to ride my horse and all weather/footing (except ice 😬)! I can just see my horses muscles working up hills and poles are amazing for their coordination and muscle building.
PS Squad
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Desensitizing training, confindence building
Recently I have been doing some more desensitizing and confidence building with the ottbs, I've recently introduced them to the blue tarp, after a day of training, showing them it's not going to hurt them, they were happy to walk and trot right over it the next day! This is a great training tool to use to get them used to noisy, colorful things that make noises and move on their own, also a great water jump intro. If you would like to try this exercise and want any help/tips please feel free to reach out to me in the messages here or on Instagram (tagged in my profile) and I'll help as much as possible!
Equestrian Inspirer
I was STRUGGLING with getting the right bend and getting a calm, cool and collected change with my horse until I started this exercise. On the long side, do a shallow loop serpentine. When you get to the quarter line, change the bend THEN ask for the change. When you go back to the wall, same thing- change the bend and ask for the change. This helped me set him up and also helped take tension out of the ask. Let me know how this works for you, or if you have any great change exercises!
Rising Star
King and I went over a two stride line to help him with his straightness. The poles on the side of the jump make it impossible to go left or right by a large amount. This pole exercise is helpful for younger horses to teach them to jump verticals in the middle.
PS Squad
Jump around in a straight line
This excersise improves balance, strenght and a quick leg on the horse. On the other side, it will also improve the balance of the rider. The rider should be in the same tempo in the whole line, keep hands low and soft. Therefor the horse and learn to ‘look’ and think in this line. The horse will learn more and more everytime. Be sure to ride it always te same way, giving the horse the chance to make mistakes :)