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Droopy bowtie exercise

Droopy bowtie exercise

Droopy Bowtie exercise! This pattern was instrumental in helping both me and my horse learn how to bend properly, stay balanced, and begin to learn to leg yield. I still go back to it to this day when warming up, especially when my mare has been off work awhile, and I'm using it to help train my former cow horse dressage! Make sure to do both sides evenly, and go slow until you and the horse are getting good and supple bending and easy contact! The horse should bend around your leg, but not bow out and let its shoulder fall to the middle. When moving towards the wall, try to stay as straight as you can and parallel to the wall until you get to the corner! This exercise works in small and full sized arenas, and you can do it on the short wall or the long wall! Adding a small circle in the middle (at E) can help practice 10m circles, as well!