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PS Squad
Springtime and mid season are coming . And many of our horses start to loose their winter coat… a nightmare for our beautiful saddle pads . I use a roll and it is doing a great job , softly but safely !
Removing hairs from Psos saddle pads
Rising Star
03/27/24-01:59 (edited on 03/29/24-11:40)
Today I was put on the lunge line to jump without reins. I found it was pretty hard😅 I do feel like it already improved my jumping position. Since I didn’t land on my butt as much as I usually do.
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Have you jumped on a lunge line without reins before?
15 votes
Yes 53%
No 47%
Jumping without reins
Equestrian Inspirer
Anyone else’s horse big snoozers? I’ve never had a horse sleep so much! In the stall, in the field, in cross ties… if there’s a nap to be had, this guy is taking it!
Sunday funday
PS Squad
Just a quick snap of my two loves :) The sassy pony gets to run and quick and play and my doggie just enjoys watching eheh
On Sundays we chill
Rising Star
King did great this weekend at Florida Area North 4H Horse Show. He did great in dressage and we received blue ribbons for the two classes we showed in. Despite warmup being a little rough, we received two blue ribbons for the jumping classes we showed in. We also received reserve senior Hunter High Point.
4H Horse Show
Collective ambassador
Hey collective! Looking back in the archives, the original browbands created by PS of Sweden were gorgeous beaded ones! Over the past few years they have only released diamante ones, please let me know in the poll whether you would buy beaded ones if they were re-released! Pics of the original ones
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Do you like the beaded style browbands?
28 votes
Yes! I would buy them!
No, not my style
Go Vintage!
PS Squad
Probably the most asked question in the equestrian industry🤣
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What do you prefer rrising or sitting trot? And explain in the comments🤗
24 votes
Rising or sitting?
PS Squad
What is everyone’s opinion on breastplates? Do you use them? Do you have a five point, a regular? After my accident with war where the saddle had slipped and ended up underneath him due to unfortunate events, I’ve decided to buy a five point breastplate. I’m curious to see what everyone thinks of them since breastplates weren’t used at all around the time I started riding in my area
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24 votes
I don’t use one
I use a 5 point breastplate
I use a regular breastplate