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What's your favourite PSoS Item?

If you would have to pick one (only ONE) favorite PS of Sweden product, which one would it be? But please type why and specify model & colour also! I will go first: I love PSoS saddlepads (have it manyyyy) and breeches but there is one item that I really adore.... What is it? It's Mila riding Jacket in pink (it' Scarlet colour). Besides fact that pink it totally hot, I'm amazed by it's design. It has stretch along the back and sides which makes this jacket super comfortable to wear and ride. It's warm but Perfect for outdoor activities. Of course I love big PSoS text on zipper. And what's the most important - I have for few years and still looks like brand new!!! Ups... I think it's more product review ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคช but I would really enjoy your replies and opinions!
What's your favourite PSoS Item?