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Caitlin Allen
PS Squad
Spring is here and I know for high school seniors in the US, decision day is coming up (if you haven’t already committed to a school!). I’m now three years post-grad but wanted to reassure anybody who might only be able to ride on breaks, that its okay to not ride in college! I went to school six hours away from home, didn’t have a car freshman year, and was in a decently intense program. I only rode on breaks or when I visited home! I thought it was the end of the world, but I really did find some benefit in it. I was able to explore who I was outside horses. My entire identity revolved around horses prior to school starting. I found that I loved hiking, the outdoors, and loved hanging with my friend group I had formed (I felt a bit out of place in high school, so having that tight friend group was amazing). My first year grade wise was… not great due to some personal things and not focusing as much as I should. But if I had the pressure of riding on top of already being pretty close to getting on academic probation? I don’t know if I’d be able to enjoy riding and give it my all. I studied abroad, got involved in clubs, went to and presented at conferences, interned at TWO cybersecurity firms, worked as a barista, and became a near straight A student. I even survived online school while living in the tiniest apartment! I found a love for my current career that now supports this horse and PSoS habit of mine. Enjoy those years you have in school and know horses will always be there. Fall in love with your future career, find your people, and explore all the different hobbies and activities you can now experience! The four years go by faster than you think! I could have sworn yesterday I was crying over assignments and making plans with friends. Now that I don’t have these things taking up my time and mind, I can put more focus into riding. I’ve come back to it a better student, taking in everything I can when I get to be at the barn. Now my priorities are working harder to afford more riding and matchy outfits 😜 Horses will always be there!
Its okay to not ride in college
Equestrian PRO
Hi EquiCollective members! This is the topic that I wanted to raise some time ago... Do we have here any dog lovers? Do you take your pet to stable? How they behave? Do they go off leash near horses? When horses are around I always keep my dog on leash, but I actually think he loves Being in the stable. Unfortunately lately I don't ride as much as I want, but I totally sank into dog sports (much cheaper haha) - nosework & hoopers. And how about you guys? Do you have any other pets?
Any dogs enthusiast here? 🐶
Equestrian Inspirer
This is your sign to practice to take outstanding photos with your mobile phone! ✨ Last year I tried the so called “mobile photography” and it took my pictures to a whole different level. For mobile photography practice really makes perfect. I’ve added just a few of my favorite photos from last year (taken AND edited on my phone)⬇️ hope this maybe inspired someone to give it a try too 🤭
Practice taking gorgeous photos with your phone!
PS Squad
03/29/24-09:55 (edited on 03/29/24-09:57)
The road with my horse is bumpy to say the least. He is very spooky, always on edge and has not much trust in itself. That results to flying high on adrenaline when eveything comes together and flying to the ground when the bump appears 😂 unfortunatly, when the last thing happens, it takes weeks to earn back all trust and go further with our training. Do you know the picture of the iceberg? Very relatable 😁
Sometimes you fly high and sometimes you just fly 🙈
Rising Star
Hey! I want to get something from PSOS, but there's so much to choose from!! I don't own a horse but take dressage (soon to be eventing) lessons once or twice a week. What should I get???
PS Squad
While receiving the beautiful browband Pearl I was wondering how to protect it from the dust as it is not delivered in a special bag anymore as it used to be in the past. I got the idea to use the sustainable bag delivered while buying the Toska long sleeves into a dustbag for my browband. The size perfectly matches 😉!
Re-use your Psos sustainable bag
Collective ambassador
03/28/24-08:44 (edited on 03/28/24-08:57)
Hi all I’ve noticed a new trend that certain members are abusing the points system of the haul post task. I would like to appeal to you all about this as I strongly feel that making posts for the sake of points really fills the collective with firstly poor quality content, as well as cheapens the experience! The spirit of the haul post is to show your entire new purchase in one go! Not to take individual pictures of items you clearly bought together so that you can get more points! It really takes away from what the company is trying to create here, a wonderful community where we can share our stories, our equestrian journeys, and our love of the brand. Some people have fixated on points here instead of what matters and it’s clear as day to everyone else! Be better! I’ve added a poll, let me know how you feel? The poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE you can choose more than one option
Select one or several answers to vote
What are your feelings?
35 votes
I agree! It’s terrible content that only benefits the poster with points!
It doesn’t bother me
Admins should only award points if the posts are legitimate and are in the right spirit of the task
Equestrian PRO