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I realized my selection of saddle pad colors is pretty small so I decided that I want a new color. I have a dark bay and a chestnut but I’m not sure what color would look best with them. Do you have any suggestions?
Annie 🥰
Equestrian Inspirer
Beetle just wants cute outfits! What colour do you think he’ll look good in next?
What colours should I get for this good boy next?
Equestrian Inspirer
My horse has a sensitive back, so I always ride with lemieux merino wool pads. They are the only brand that doesn’t seem that have the weird wool lining on the outside, near where the saddle fits. Does anyone know of any other brands to hold me over until PSOS makes one? 😉
Wool pads
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Equestrian Inspirer
Any advice on catching the hind end during a canter pirouette? Going left is actually coming along quite well, but going right I lose that left hind swinging out.
Canter pirouettes
Therese Rotter
Equestrian Inspirer
Hello everyone. Close to my stable there is a swimming facility for horses and you can pay for a swimming package. I’m wondering if this is something recommended? I’ve heard from some people this is good but I’ve also heard people giving bad reviews and saying you shouldn’t put this pressure on the horse. Could you guys advise me please?
Swimming pool
Equestrian PRO
As some of you may know, I am currently building a new horse and dog boarding facilities. As of recent I am getting a lot of requests from horse people who just want to come and ride in a nice arena an are willing to pay a fee to do so They would not be boarders these would be outside riders just looking for a nice arena to ride in. What would you charge ? What rules would you put in place? What are the positive and negatives of doing so? In your opinion.
Equestrian PRO
04/09/24-16:38 (edited on 04/09/24-18:41)
Once a friend joins the collective using your personalized share link/code, is there another step before ribbons can be awarded? One of my friends joined using my link/code and neither of us received any ribbons for the mission. 🤷🏻‍♀️  The ribbons are such a nice welcoming gift, I wanted to ask. Thanks!!
Missing a Step
Rising Star
I was wondering if anyone has tried the psos hackamore and if it’s worth the money. I often ride bitles due to my pony’s old scars in her mouth.🤩