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PS Squad
Hugs in all the right places!
We all love a good vest moment but sometimes they can make us look boxy and frumpy. That’s not an issue with the Joan vest! She hugs you in all the right places and contours to create a beautiful feminine silhouette. The material is a dream, water resistant and wicks away dirt easily. Adds the perfect additional amount of layer to keep you warm without starting a sweat. And to my surprise, there’s buttons hidden to make the closure secure and look that much more seamless! Love how dark and rich the brown is too and the PS of Sweden logo on the back collar is elegant and subtle. I will definitely wear this vest at the barn, hiking, and casually in day to day situations. I received a size small and I would say if your arms are more muscular to size up because I could see the armpit hole becoming tight with multiple layers or muscle mass.
Equestrian Inspirer
Color that attracts attention 😍🍊
I have a set of orange bandages and a saddle pad, like their quality and of course the design I love this bright orange colour , the colour psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting 😁
Rising Star
Pretty in pink
I think my Friesian stallion is rocking his pink PSOS dressage pad! It is the full size but I think the cob might have fit him better. He is 15 hands in height but on the narrower side.
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Rising Star
16/04/24-13:05 (edited on 21/04/24-19:57)
Beige matchy matchy
For some reason I couldnt find the saddle pad so I took the closest one, gladly found the right shirt. I absolutely love the wivianne base layer, and I have four of them🙈 It fits perfectly and I love the material. The saddle pad though, it always rises from the back, but somehow still stays in place. The name of the pad is plait.
Collective ambassador
Spring favorite - Peach ruffle pad 🍑
Snagged this beautiful pad from the sale, the color is hard to capture, it’s closest on the second picture. Amazing quality as always, beautiful color that gives some motivation boost in cold Estonian spring 🥶🥰 Matches nicely with the Cherry Blossom browband 🌸✨🍒
Equestrian PRO
For special missions💪
This bridle looks beautiful not only during training but also during photo sessions📸 the white pad highlights almost every color of the horse🤩🐴 I’m a big fan 😄😅
Equestrian PRO
Fits Like A Glove
Took advantage of PSOS’s recent promotion and am really happy with the mesh riding glove. Took them for a spin today, it was quite warm towards the end of the ride and my hands never felt hot. Also tested the touchscreen fingertips and had no trouble operating my cell phone with the gloves on. Very nice product, thanks!! 🧤
PS Squad
Oldie but goodie
You never forget your 1st PSoS Saddlepad And this was mine! Purple ombré that looked so good with either pink or purple bandages I remember feeling soooo happy and like sitting on clothes when riding. A dream come true for sure!