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Riding Bitless

Riding Bitless

Now I know this is a contreversial topic but I believe everyone should ride their horse in a hackamore or bitless bridle at least a few times in the year. Why? Well because this helps the rider learn to keep a steadier contact. As well as the horse not being able to get too strong in the hand and learning to work with the contact instead of against it. Why contreversial? Easy,its not allowed in all competitions and therefore most riders don't think it's necessary. Also the contact you have with a hackamore is based off of the nose pressure and not the normal pressure in the mouth of the horse. My experience Personally I have only learned good stuff from riding with a hackamore/bitless. I used this with my older yet traumatized horse (shown in Pic) who was terrified of riding and riding bitless helped him have to think about the new bridle instead of the actual riding. I've also done this with all of my horses and felt like the contact with a normal bridle only improved afterwards!