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Not enough time to ride for a full session or because of the weather is too bad?

It happens regularly that we are facing to a lack of time while arriving to the barn. During any period of reduced exercise due to weather or time constraints, I realized I can accomplish a great deal in 25 minutes with one of the following walk routines of Jec A Balou. 1/ speed changes : Ride various figures in the arena while changing the speed of your walk. Aim for four distinct speeds (super slow, slow, medium and fast), and spend 20 strides at each speed. Repeat. 2/Cornerstones transitions : Ride transitions to the halt every 10 strides. At every other halt transition, ask the horse to back up six to 10 steps, then carry on. 3/Wavy lines: Ride a โ€œscallopedโ€ edge around the track of your arena. Maintaining a brisk, lively walk tempo, ride a wavy serpentine with approximately 3-meter loops back and forth from left to right, and so on.When performed consistently (four to five days per week), purposeful walking routines can have a surprisingly beneficial impact on the horseโ€™s body. Although itโ€™s not as outwardly visible, their value is much greater than inactivity.