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Improving the upward

Improving the upward

The goal of the exercise is to prepare my horse for an upward transition from the trot to the canter using my specific aids. This exercise helps shift the horseโ€™s weight off of the inside, allowing them the balance to lift the inside leg for the upward canter transition.While trotting through the corners or on the straightaway of the arena, use your inside leg to push your horse towards the rail, and half halt with the outside rein to ensure your horse remains straight and balanced. Be sure to maintain the forward trotting motion while your horse yields (moves away from the pressure) from your inside leg.Repeat this leg-yielding exercise until you feel your horse is properly responding to your leg and hand aid each time you ask.Once you have the response you would like from your horse at the trot, repeat the leg yield for 2-3 strides (better to do this in the corners), then use an additional half halt on the outside rein to maintain straightness and balance while you ask for your transition to the canter. This exercise can be done both in the corners and on the straightaways. It is helpful to practice the leg yield in both, but especially in whichever you plan to ask for your transition.