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11/02/24-14:37 (edited on 11/02/24-18:34)
I tried the App Course Creator  (recomended by @142797298
I tried the App Course Creator (recomended by @BrielleD ๐Ÿ˜˜) to draw one of my favourite exercises for the Phase1 of teaching the horse lateral movements. First - teach the horse to yield (to move away) from pressure - not going forward, but stepping aside. If the horse do not understand the push on the side, You could use a stick to touch the hind leg asking the horse to step away. When the horse steps to the side immediately stop the pressure. REMEMBER - the horse learns from the release of the pressure!!! When the horse understands this movement to the side with hind legs, try the turn in the forehead in the saddle. The horse should cross the hind legs over and do small steps with the front legs not crossing them. It is easier to ask for turn on the forehand standing next to the wall. You could ask a flexion to the side of the turn, but do not overbend the neck. You could turn the straight horse, too. Be aware what Your legs are doing during this exercise! You need to ask the turn only with the outside leg, inside leg is still and not doing anything. The outside leg is behind the girth and the inside - on the girth. I call this exercise โ€œLet the horse know where his hind end is and what he could do with it๐Ÿคชโ€