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Get out of the sandbox!

Get out of the sandbox!

I think a very important education of a young horse is to get a lot of variety in the work and education. When I read through the forum, there is a lot of focus on arena training and pole training. And quite honestly as a dressage rider with a lot of work with young horses and their education, I get a little frustrated when I read it. In my optics it is extremely important that the young horse gets a lot of variety in its training, not only in the arena but with variation in both environment and surface for the training. There are two elements I want to emphasize on and the first one is variation on surface, because 90% of tendon injuries come from the same repetitive training on the same surface up to 7 days a week. Tendons can't withstand this, and two neither can the horses spirit. All too often you see burnt out young horses, with no sparkle in they spririt and with bad ulcers. Get out into nature! If the horse cannot be ridden, due to traffic safety, then take a hand walk. I try my best to walk the horses once a week in varied vegetation to challenge the horse's motor skills, balance and to challenge their comfort zone. And they love it!!! Mother nature offers free obstacles like fallen trees, hills, creeks and much more. There is nothing like a walk outside that can re-motivate both rider and horse. And not to mention, it's really good exercise for the rider as well to walk with the horse and you connect with your best friend at another level, looking and smelling at flowers together ๐Ÿ˜