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Louisa breeches
I absolutely can not be happier with my new breeches. They allow me to move freely and comfortably when I jump. They fit super well and passed all pony club standards. I highly recommend these for anyone looking for comfortable show pants. 10/10 product
Ieva L
Equestrian Inspirer
3 shades of orange :)
Bought Adele short sleeve tops in 3 different orange colours. I am between 46 and 48 on top, purchased size XL and they fit very good to me. The fabric is thin and stretchy, perfect for warm summer days. Tops are quite snug fit, which is good for my coach :) to see my position in saddle. Will wear them with higher waist breeches (Juliette tights would be perfect). Colours will match both with dark or light colour breeches.
PS Squad
💛🤎🖤Cardi breeches🖤🤎💛
These breeches are one of my absolute favourites. I have them in every colour. The faux leather is soft, strong and gives a good grip in the saddle. The waist is high with good pockets. I have size 34 fits me perfectly who has narrow legs 🖤🤎💛
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Equestrian PRO
Rocking pink, ruffles, and pearls!
This pad has it all!! Not only is it fashionable and absolutely stunning, but I was amazed by the quality and how it fit! I have a 14 hand pony, and a 16 hand horse, and the size full fits both of them great! I would definitely recommend this pad! It is truly a go to for any time or event! This pad is truly amazing!
PS Squad
Testing Martina FG breeches
I have been so lucky to test Martina FG breeches and it feels fantastic to be allowed to test these extremely lovely breeches😍 Here's what I think about the breeches: Extremely comfortable breeches, soft and very elastic and flexible fabric without the breeches becoming "transparent". High waist with elastic makes the breeches very comfortable to wear - without tightening and irritating the skin. Smooth surface in the fabric so hair and hay fall off easily. Nice design with logo on the back and on the side and below the ankles, lovely large pockets at the front and Imitation pockets at the back complete the design and give a really nice look. Full grip gives good grip in the saddle. The zipper stays in place and doesn't slide down like on any of the other breeches I have. The seams in the breeches are so comfortable that you don't even notice they're there. They fit me perfectly and the length is just as it should be - I'm 167 cm. The quality is top notch and I can't find any downsides to the breeches. And then the breeches match perfectly with the ruffle pearl saddle pad and flyhat😍 Undoubtedly the best breeches I have ever tried, definitely highly recommended👍❤️
Collective ambassador
Mia Technical jacket
Nice for spring/fall or summer nights 😊 I didn’t get too hot while riding & didn’t feel cold while cooling off, perfect for our spring weather 🤩 I took size XS which I usually wear and it fits super nice, isn’t baggy but doesn’t restrict movement. And of course, looks stylish and beautiful 🖤 Super happy with my purchase 🥰
Equestrian PRO
Always Paris 🇫🇷
So, PSOS does not carry the Paris riding breeches any longer but, I wanted to rave about the romantic V cut waist! This style is so feminine and the material hugs just right. I get compliments from the women I ride with whenever I wear them. I hope PSOS keeps a vintage trend in future lines. 🇫🇷💋🥖
Equestrian Inspirer
27/04/24-08:42 (edited on 27/04/24-09:06)
Martina Breeches Product Testing
First of all I’d like to say, that I felt very honored to be chosen for the product testing for the Martina Breeches and therefore I want to thank you. I already wore the breeches the past few days, since they arrived and am absolutely in love with them. I got them in the color storm blue and have to say that they look amazing. The color can be combined with many other colors which is great.   They also have a great fit since they are small at the waist but still wide enough at the hips and legs to be comfortable. Normally I have trouble finding good fitting breeches, because they are usually to wide at the waist, if I buy them in the size I need in length. Hence why I was very happy to be able to wear them without a belt. Nevertheless, for a person with long legs, like i have, the breeches are bit short. It doesnt bother me but could be improved. About the functionality I am happy to also give a great feedback. They are super comfortable to wear and fit like a second skin. I also had no restriction in movement, which I like to value very important, especially for riding. Furthermore, they can also be perfectly used for stable work, since they are very soil-resisting and fur can be easily removed.  For the pockets, I‘d love to have a separate pocket for my phone, because phones doesn’t fit in the normal pockets. In addition to this, I liked the fake pockets at the back a lot. I also love the grip, since it’s more subtle and looks very elegant. Same goes for the buttons. Overall the breeches have a very elegant look, which makes me absolutely in love with them.  I haven’t washed them yet, but never had trouble with my other Ps of Sweden breeches, so I believe this will be fine. Lastly, one thing I‘d like to note is, that the breeches smelled a lot like chemicals, when I got them, which suprised me since I never had that problem with any of my Ps of Sweden products, but I wanted to mention it here. Though the fabric was still very comfortable and I didn’t sweat in it or felt itchy. All things considered, I am glad to give a very positive feedback on the breeches. I am convinced they are a great product and that I‘ll be happy with them for a long time.