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Rising Star
04/21/24-19:54 (edited on 04/22/24-10:06)
Wivianne base layer
I already have four of the Wivianne base layers. I absolutely love the fabric and the fitting. I lil minus- the sleeves could be a little longer for me.
PS Squad
King Edward Bridle
I've have been riding with the King Edward bridle a cuple of time now and all I can say is WOW! An amazing bridle with lots of adjustment so it gonna fit the horse perfectly. The part of the bridle that Im most fascinated over is the noseband, I really likes there are no presure on the nerve pathways at the cheekbones and therefor the bridle feels so free on the head but in the same time stays where it should be. The leather is of course high quality like the other bridles from the brand.
PS Squad
04/21/24-12:02 (edited on 04/21/24-17:09)
Helsinki bridle
Size 3 . Extra comfortable headpiece , perfectly fits to my horse (despite of the fact he usually wears size 4 , xfull) beautiful black leather with white topstitch . Lightweight & anatomical bridle ! That Helsinki bridle gives a very natural look to my horse and I love it 💕!
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Rising Star
The Cardi Breeches and a Boy
Here's my Product Test about the Cardi Breeches. Because i Live in Germany they took a bit, but arrived safely. They are well made, don't have a particular smell and the overall look was promising. The first try on was verry comfy (also for Men). They are stretchy, have a nice and warm fleece on the inside. Then i weared them on a Trailride, we mostly ride with Pads/Barebackpads, so i was a bit worried if its slippery or not. I dont have any experience how it is in a actual Saddle, because i never sat in one xD But i'm sure that there are many in the collective that have experience with that. Nevertheless i can Report that they are at first (when the Breeches is "cold") a bit slippery on the Pad, but the time its "warm", you are "Glued" to the Pad. I really fell in Love with these Breeches, i can imagine that they are perfect for the Winter, Fall and Spring Time. Also thanks to all of the Equi Collective that supportet and encouraged me to try them out, youre the best <3 Also Thanks to all those, who have read this long text ^^ Cheers Josef :)
Equestrian Inspirer
MIA Technical Jacket
Finally got my Jacket and I LOVE IT! If you are looking at getting one here is my opinion on the sizing. I normally take a Size bigger in PS Jackets because I live in a country where we can have x4 seasons in a day, so always a good idea to dress in layers. The Mia Jacket I should have taken in my Size and not a Size bigger. It is shaped and designed for a close fit, so mine is abit big. The design and fabric is also so that even if I took my size, it wd not restrict my movement which is something us Southern Hemisphere gals dont like. It gets a 10/10 from me. I suppose I cd exchange, but typical me, I couldnt wait to wear it, so there goes that idea🤣
Caitlin Allen
PS Squad
Can we have a moment for the wraps
I didn’t think I’d be “wowed” by some polo wraps, but honestly, these are pretty darn good quality! The fleece isn’t too thick or thin and the velcro is STRONG. Big bonus is these polos also did not attract dirt and dust like every other type I’ve ever used. Overall, incredibly impressed and def will need to add polos to my collection! Here we have Spongebob rocking the polos today for our little hack out. He was looking FABULOUS in the matching saddle pad (and I of course matched)
PS Squad
Two-packs for the win!
These Lisa riding socks are great. They conform and are supportive in all the right spots without making it impossible to get on. They are reinforced at the heel and achilles so rubbing from boots is out of the question. I love the two-packs because I feel like I’m getting more of a deal for the price. And the best part of these ones is that the two pairs are different, same base color but different logo/design on each pair. I liked that better as the Holly 2-pack I got was the same exact sock so wasn’t as fun for me. I’ve gotta get my hands on more of these!
PS Squad
Joan vest 💕
Let’s start with telling you how comfortabel this vest is. Not to warm, not to cold. Perfect for the spring and autumn weather. A beautifull deep brown color that you can wear with everything. Very useful :) The fabric is nice and firm, and the pressbuttons on the inside are perfectly well hidden. I love the size of the pockets. I have an IPhone 📱, big size, and I always struggle to get it in a pocket. Not on this vest tough. I really love it. I ordered size S, and I must say; it is very, very, very well fitted. If you like a vest a little more loose, or wear a sweater underneath the vest, than I would recommend one size up. For now, I am very gratefull that I was choosen to try this product, I know I’m going to wear it a lot 💕