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05/07/24-16:24 (edited on 05/07/24-16:32)
Not a good fit

Not a good fit

I ordered horse size as i always do with other brands for halters. I have in the past years been switching over from nylon to all leather halters. Thought I would try these. They are PU leather No matter how tight I make this halter , the halter is utterly massive on all of my horses not just the one in the picture. In essence these 3 halters I just purchased are worthless to me Maybe a draft horse ? I don't know. To make matters worse. I don't think PSOS will return them either, as when the post office dropped off my package my horses though it a good idea to rip it open and eat the what the could , toss some of it around the yard . They had a grand time receiving a package from PSOS I only have one halter still in the bag with a bite hole in the plastic. I am extremely disappointed in this how it fits, money out the window. Sitting here looking at the picture it is like the crown piece is just way to long I can't even fix that with a hole punch because of the way the PU leather is anatomical
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