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12/11/23-08:56 (edited on 12/11/23-09:08)
Leather premium care kit review

Leather premium care kit review

The kit includes:  - Leather soap - Leather balm  - Leather oil  These products are specially made for vegetable tanned leather, the leather care is ecological and locally produced just outside of Nyköping, Sweden. I chose 3 types of leather quality for the test: A) Calf leather – quality aniline hide with natural look.(saddle Kentaur Danae - seat and knee pads) B) Vegetable tanned leather with smooth surface (girth Kentaur Monaco and flapps Kentaur Danae) C) Poor quality tanned leather (Cavesson) A) Leather Soap  My new 5 stars product. I’m thrilled. The soap is gentle to clean all types of leather.Easily and quickly takes away sweat, dirt, and grease. Just a small amount is enough to clean even dried-up dirt. Perfect! The soap didn’t dry the leather after use and left no stains.An extra benefit is that you don't have to use any water. B) Leather oil: Doesn’t leave grease! Only few drops and the leather became supple and soft. The oil also gave a pleasant feel to the surface of the leather as well as protecting it against moisture. Nourished all leather types very well. The best result was achieved on cavesson (poor quality leather). The leather became soft at last, after many failed previous attempts with different products. C) Leather balm: Gentle care made to nourish and soften the leather without over-saturating. I achieved great results on all types of leather. In my opinion, it’s is a top product for very delicate leather like calf leather. This type of leather was perfectly smooth and soft to the touch after applying the balm without over-saturating. I can recommend all of these products. I will definitely continue using them in the future. For me, the winner is “Leather soap”. All of these products can be bought on the official website.
Leather Care Kit Premium