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Making my own tack set!

I've decided to design and make my own tack set as part of a school project, and wanted to post it here on this wonderful community๐Ÿ˜Š! I was just wondering if anyone has done something similar, and wanted to ask for any feedback that you guys have so far. Also please don't say anything negative because its a work in progress and I promise it will look better when I finish๐Ÿ˜ญ The first picture is my sketch. The second one is my saddle pad so far, I just have to cut out the shape and add the navy trim. I decided to add a stop cushion like PSOS's saddle pads and also used the same anatomical shape as I just love the shape of PSOS pads. The third one is the ear bonnet, I haven't finished crocheting and still have to add the ears. The last picture is my initial sketches when I was just exploring some ideas.
Making my own tack set!
Making my own tack set! - 2
Making my own tack set! - 3
Making my own tack set! - 4