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Caitlin Allen
PS Squad

Its okay to not ride in college

Spring is here and I know for high school seniors in the US, decision day is coming up (if you haven’t already committed to a school!). I’m now three years post-grad but wanted to reassure anybody who might only be able to ride on breaks, that its okay to not ride in college! I went to school six hours away from home, didn’t have a car freshman year, and was in a decently intense program. I only rode on breaks or when I visited home! I thought it was the end of the world, but I really did find some benefit in it. I was able to explore who I was outside horses. My entire identity revolved around horses prior to school starting. I found that I loved hiking, the outdoors, and loved hanging with my friend group I had formed (I felt a bit out of place in high school, so having that tight friend group was amazing). My first year grade wise was… not great due to some personal things and not focusing as much as I should. But if I had the pressure of riding on top of already being pretty close to getting on academic probation? I don’t know if I’d be able to enjoy riding and give it my all. I studied abroad, got involved in clubs, went to and presented at conferences, interned at TWO cybersecurity firms, worked as a barista, and became a near straight A student. I even survived online school while living in the tiniest apartment! I found a love for my current career that now supports this horse and PSoS habit of mine. Enjoy those years you have in school and know horses will always be there. Fall in love with your future career, find your people, and explore all the different hobbies and activities you can now experience! The four years go by faster than you think! I could have sworn yesterday I was crying over assignments and making plans with friends. Now that I don’t have these things taking up my time and mind, I can put more focus into riding. I’ve come back to it a better student, taking in everything I can when I get to be at the barn. Now my priorities are working harder to afford more riding and matchy outfits 😜 Horses will always be there!
Its okay to not ride in college