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How to Improve Your Riding Without Riding

How can I improve my riding without getting that ride time in? This has been my situation for the past 3 months because I have been hand walking my horse for rehabilitation purposes due to a suspensory ligament tear. So I haven't been getting that ride time to improve or even maintain where I'm at with my Riding. I started watching equestrian fitness exercises and doing them but I didn't feel like it was enough, so I began an equestrian yoga class to help improve the things that make you a better rider. It helps you to have better balance, flexibility, and strength, It helps you to release stress and one of the most important things that will help you become a better rider, Proprioceptation. Which is the sense of body location ,movement, and force. When riding, we must know what parts of our body that we are using and know the exact location of them while also know how much pressure we are applying. I have found equestrian yoga to be super helpful and making me a more accurate rider. If you have any downtime where you aren't riding a horse, give equestrian yoga a try.