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11/21/23-09:02 (edited on 11/21/23-09:07)

Trot leg yield exercise with Nicola Buchanan

The trot leg yield, an essential lateral movement, serves as a fundamental schooling tool and is a common element in numerous dressage tests. In this detailed exercise, demonstrated by esteemed Grand Prix rider Nicola Buchanan, the trot leg yield is elevated from a basic training maneuver to a refined exercise in finesse and control. Nicola's expertise brings out the best in this movement, showcasing its effectiveness in enhancing the horse's suppleness, ensuring straightness, and establishing a harmonious balance.This exercise is particularly beneficial as it encourages the horse to become more responsive to the rider's aids while developing lateral flexibility. As the horse learns to move fluidly sideways, crossing its legs in a rhythmic trot, it not only strengthens its body but also improves its mental agility and willingness to follow subtle directional cues. For riders, the trot leg yield offers an opportunity to refine their skills in guiding and supporting their horse through complex movements, making it an invaluable component of both schooling routines and competitive dressage tests.