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08/11/23-14:52 (edited on 08/11/23-14:55)

Galopping Towards Inclusivity: Welcome to Equi Collective

Hello, fellow equestrians and friends!  Today, we're excited to share news that reflects the evolving spirit of our community โ€” our PS of Sweden Collective is getting a new name, blossoming into Equi Collective!  Why the change, you might wonder? Well, let's trot through the reasons together.  We believe that our community is at its strongest when it's as diverse as the many breeds we admire. In the spirit of inclusivity, we're stepping forward with a name that doesn't hitch us to a brand but rather unites us under the broad sky of equine love. For our existing members, know that this change is made with the utmost respect for the bonds we've formed. Equi Collective will continue to be the place where your stories, experiences, and insights create the rich tapestry that blankets our shared passion. The Mane Point  As Equi Collective, we're not just a herd; we're a family that grows with every new member. We believe that together, we can continue to build a community that feels like home for everyone, with the shared love for horses at its heart. We're saddled up and ready for this new chapter, and we hope you are too! Share your thoughts, stories, and let's continue to ride this wonderful journey together. After all, it's the same great pasture โ€” just with a new, welcoming gate.  Happy riding, and see you around the barn,  The Equi Collective Team 
Galopping Towards Inclusivity: Welcome to Equi Collective