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Perfect vest for spring 🌱🌼
I am obsessed with my new Cervinia vest, first of all it's light but quite warm I'd say. Secondly it goes nice with any outfit possible in my opinion! And last but not least I got it on sale 😆 jokes aside I would definitely buy it now that I know the quality of this product even if it was for full price 💕
Rising Star
Pretty in pink
I am absolutely in love with this pink pearle ruffle saddle pad. It has the right colour of pink, it's just so bright 🩷 It fits really well on my horse and just has an amazing quality.
PS Squad
04/04/24-10:07 (edited on 04/04/24-11:13)
Flying Change Deluxe
It is time to share my joy using Flying Change Deluxe bridle I won in the competition. I have chosen size Full (3) and it fits perfectly my WB mare. All the straps are very easy adjustable. First thing I need to mention - my hot and sensitive mare allows me to put on this bridle with no tension and resistance. She has super sesitive ears, but with this bridle she does not show any discomfort. She is more responsive to the aids, as well. I like the soft padding of the crown piece and noseband and rolled cheak pieces - all these details are designed not to pinch or to put the pressure on the biggest nerves.  I am using this bridle approx. 1 month - 5 times a week (including competitions) and the lacquered parts are still in great condition- no scratches or tears. I like the black coloured buckles of the bridle - they are neat and empasizes “deluxe” style of the bridle. My student who rides my mare while I am recovering from my injury shares my love to PSoS brand (she is in the last picture after successful competitions). I want to say big thanks to @Lea@PSofSweden and all PSoS familiy for these competitions and test panel - for me it is a chance to offer my horse high quality products😍 I could recommend Flying Change Deluxe bridle to every horse owner - especially for hot and sensitive horses.
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Dressage Bridle
Älskar detta snygga dressyrträns. Skinnet är mjukt och av god kvalite
Equestrian PRO
Love this paths
I love every leggings in black
Rising Star
I love this and use it at every competition🤩
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Great stirrup leathers!
I was looking for new stirrups leathers as the ones I have been using were too thick and felt bulky under my leg. These felt great! They lie flat and are much more comfortable. They’re also easy for running up the stirrups and have plenty of holes for different height riders. I’m 5’6” and got the 145cm, my trainer is taller than me so wanted to get something that would work for her during training rides as well (she’s in the pic, mid-lesson as my sweet boy is still a little green, hence the shoes 😆). Highly recommend these leathers!
Equestrian Inspirer