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The Cardi Breeches and a Boy

The Cardi Breeches and a Boy

Here's my Product Test about the Cardi Breeches. Because i Live in Germany they took a bit, but arrived safely. They are well made, don't have a particular smell and the overall look was promising. The first try on was verry comfy (also for Men). They are stretchy, have a nice and warm fleece on the inside. Then i weared them on a Trailride, we mostly ride with Pads/Barebackpads, so i was a bit worried if its slippery or not. I dont have any experience how it is in a actual Saddle, because i never sat in one xD But i'm sure that there are many in the collective that have experience with that. Nevertheless i can Report that they are at first (when the Breeches is "cold") a bit slippery on the Pad, but the time its "warm", you are "Glued" to the Pad. I really fell in Love with these Breeches, i can imagine that they are perfect for the Winter, Fall and Spring Time. Also thanks to all of the Equi Collective that supportet and encouraged me to try them out, youre the best <3 Also Thanks to all those, who have read this long text ^^ Cheers Josef :)
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