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Stirrup leather review

Stirrup leather review

I tested the stirrup leathers and this is what I thought. On inspection when I got them they looked very nice and I could definitely see them fitting in at a show. I noticed that the holes were closer together than most stirrup leathers I have used in the past. I really liked the idea that the holes were closer together because as I am a teenager I am still growing and so my leg length is ever changing, I donโ€™t always want a gerastic change is length in my stirrup, and now I donโ€™t have too! It is also very helpful that the holes are close together because when I am jumping I will often change the length of my stirrups throughout the ride and now I have more options of how long or short I want to have my stirrup.       When riding  I found that they were a little stiff and hard to get on and off or my saddle. I have now ridden in them 4 times and each time is getting better and better. I really like the width of them too! They are easy to ride with and look flawless next to my saddle! The leathers are easy to clean and have given me no trouble so far on that front. I will keep everyone updated on ow they hold up to riding everyday! Thank you PS of Sweden for letting me test your amazing new product!
PS Stirrup Leather