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Safety and riding - Do you wear helmets?

I'm just curious to see how people prioritize their safety when working with their horses and riding. Myself, I would never get up on a horse without a helmet and if I'm handling young horses I always wear a helmet too. I already had my forehead cracked open once from ground work without the helmet on, which has left me not only with a scar but also a permanent jaw injury unfortunately. Where I live in Denmark it's mandatory to wear helmets when riding under 18, but after that it's voluntary. I have a private stable with boarding stalls, and I have included in their contract that helmet is always mandatory even over 18. Once I found a unconscious rider in the arena, luckily OK today, She was not alone, but the other girl went into shock seeing the accident and sat paralyzed on her horse. Not a fun situation to find yourself in. So I'm so curious to see how people in the collective think about safety? I see lots of pics and vids of riders without helmets and I basically feel scared on your behalf every time I see them. So I guess I really want to hear from you who ride without a helmet; How do you dare doing it, aren't you scared?
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Do you wear protection when riding?
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Yes, I always use a helmet!
No, I never use one.
Occasionally I ride without a helmet!
I'm a daredevil, only when showjumping ๐Ÿ˜Ž
I wear a helmet and a vest everytime!
Accidents never happen to me!
Safety and riding - Do you wear helmets?