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Collective ambassador
03/28/24-08:44 (edited on 03/28/24-08:57)

#psofswedenhaul post abuse.

Hi all Iโ€™ve noticed a new trend that certain members are abusing the points system of the haul post task. I would like to appeal to you all about this as I strongly feel that making posts for the sake of points really fills the collective with firstly poor quality content, as well as cheapens the experience! The spirit of the haul post is to show your entire new purchase in one go! Not to take individual pictures of items you clearly bought together so that you can get more points! It really takes away from what the company is trying to create here, a wonderful community where we can share our stories, our equestrian journeys, and our love of the brand. Some people have fixated on points here instead of what matters and itโ€™s clear as day to everyone else! Be better! Iโ€™ve added a poll, let me know how you feel? The poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE you can choose more than one option
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What are your feelings?
35 votes
I agree! Itโ€™s terrible content that only benefits the poster with points!
It doesnโ€™t bother me
Admins should only award points if the posts are legitimate and are in the right spirit of the task