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An experiment in cleaning

I decided to try and hand wash my pad- and Im pleasantly surprised how it turned outโ™ก My pad was smelling like horse sweat something fierce to the point other people mentioned it even after rinsing it. Since we only have a top load washer and everyone recommended a front load- I decided to experiment. Pic 1: I put the pad in my bathtub with cold water mixed with a generous amount of vinegar and a splash of Tide Color Booster. I proceeded to knead on it like a cat- really making sure all the padding got a good swish. The trick was to continuously change the pads position and knead all parts inside and out. To finish I pressed all the water out. Surprisingly, all the mud and most of the hair also came out. Pic 2: It was windy so I popped it onto the line in the sun. Took about 2 days to fully dry with multiple flips so the water didnt pool into any 1 area. Pic 3: Fully dried! Smells amazing and still looks new! Pic 4: Finished with a lint roller to get the rest of the hair off. Result: Pad looks new, minimal wrinkling, and the smell is gone! โ™ก Ill report as I retry this as my pad gets dirty again. โ™ก
An experiment in cleaning
An experiment in cleaning - 2
An experiment in cleaning - 3
An experiment in cleaning - 4
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