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Walking workout routine: the adjustability

Walking workout routine: the adjustability

Walking work out. ( by Jec A. Ballou) I follow for longtimes the great advices and exercises from Jec Ballou and regarding the walk workout routines I apply them several times a week, and it enables my horse to keep a very good shape with muscles at 22 years old. One of them is as follow: Workout : Focus on Adjustability Accordion Topline: Riding around the edge of your arena in a brisk, forward walk, practice lengthening and shortening your reins and asking your horse to change body posture from longer to shorter. Allow your horse to travel at least 40 steps in each frame before asking for the next. Be sure to keep the rhythm of his strides consistent and steady throughout your rein adjustments.Spiral In and Out: From a 20-meter circle, spiral in to an 8-meter circle and then, maintaining inside bend, leg-yield back out to your original 20-meter circle, being careful not to lose energy (see Figure 2).Snowman: Ride once around a 20-meter circle to the left and then, at the top, change bend and ride a 10-meter circle to the right. Then resume your 20-meter circle. Your figure should look like a snowman with a fat body and a smaller head on top.Adjustment Poles: Set up four to five ground poles in a fan shape with the ends touching on one side. Arrange the poles so that, at their middles, they are spaced five feet apart. Now ride a small circle that crosses over the poles. Alternate riding over the narrowest distance between poles (with just a single stride between each one) and riding over the wider distance (with two strides between each one