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Half pads

I just got another new half pad in today. It was a small Xmas gift. It isn't the best quality, but it is adequate for daily riding Now here lies the problem These little half pads I have the faux fur trim, easy to toss in the washer run about $50 per pad. I prefer Half pads with real sheep skin. fluff, but these pads can run you low end $100 on sale somewhere for cheap crappy one decent quality $200 to $350 I don't mind spending the money for quality. However, at 200 to 350 per pad, you cannot wash sheep skin in a " traditional sense " when it gets dirty. SO for those of you that have sheep skin half pads, do you use them on the daily and if so . 1.) How do you keep them looking new and in good condition? 2.) Do you just use the sheepskin version for show purposes? 3.) Do you just use synthetic half pads with faux fur? 4.) Just retire them after so many uses? I don't let my regular saddle pads go for more than 2 rides without a wash MY PSOS WISH !!!!! Would love it if PSOS would put out a half pad, with some jazz While I am here I would like a half pad that looks like the black one here, but has real sheep skin or faux fur with Velcro options in multiple colors and you can switch them out.
Half pads
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